The important thing

We live in a society of worry, most times it over the wrong things. Mostly we worry if we are falling in line with what society has told us to be. You ask yourself, am I wearing the right perfume, using the right shampoo, driving the right car, is my house in the right neighborhood. All is vanity and vexation of spirit.The perfume will probably give you a rash, the shampoo smells funny, the car is over priced and no matter what neighborhood you live in its going to go “out of style” one day so its never the right one. So what does matter, knowing who you are, what you want and when to walk away. 

There is power in knowing your own mind. Knowing that its ok to say ‘No” to the things, people and places that make you uncomfortable. All the natural hair blogs tell me I should be putting coconut oil and shea butter in my hair regularly. I dont like the smell of coconut oil and while shea butter is a great deep conditioner, I dont like it for more than once a month. No! 

This life is yours, you have the power to control everything and everyone that comes to “visit”. Dont let others tell you who you should be. Just be who you are and on the off chance you find that who you are is not good for someone that allowed you to “visit”, know enough, care enough to walk away. 


I hold my breathe when passing trucks on the highway

I am scared of trucks and I am sure I am not the only one. They are big and scary, you never really know if the driver sees you or what their next move will be. When I have to pass one on the highway I push down on the accelerator, hold my breath and power through. How many times do we come across life situations that are like this?
Most of us have dreams or a list of things we are going to do “one day”. If ever asked about them we have excuses of why we cant do it right now or we just say we are “working on it.” What if we were to tell the truth, I am sure most of us would just have to sigh and admit that we’re scared. Scared of the success, scared of the failure, scared of having to do more that we anticipated, scared that we will disappoint someone or attract too much attention, just scared. What if we let go of all that fear and did whatever it is we’ve been dreaming of? What would we gain? A friend, the career we always wanted, the respect of others, a bit more confidence in ourselves. Whatever we gain it will be worth it because we powered through. We passed that truck on the highway and although there may be a few more up the road for 5, 10 maybe even 100 miles the road ahead is clear, we can turn up the radio and ride in peace.
2nd Timothy 1:7

The hair crisis of ’92

When the time comes I think I should take over the Dear Abbey column. Any-who, that has nothing to do with anything.
Had lunch with a friend today caught up on what is going on in my once tight friend circle, reflected on some things going on in my life and can I just say, I want to go back to the hair crisis of ’92, grown-up problems suck.
As a child no one can wait to become an adult, we’re all excited about getting a job and an apartment so we can do what we want. No one tells us the pay on our first job will be just enough to cover the rent and eat Ramean Noodles. No one ever explained that there is no flat fee for electric you pay more when you leave the lights on all day. Eventually you learn to turn the lights off in an empty room and you take any and everyone up on dinner invitations just to get some variety in your life. Once you get that down you move up a decade and into the real problems. Kids, sick parents, divorce, your own health problems, mortgage, taxes, a crisis of faith. Its like one day things were a little annoying (discovering you couldn’t live a Beverly Hills lifestyle on a Odd Lots salary) but okay, the next day things got real.:o
But you know what? Time marches on, it stands still for no man. We cant always see or understand why things happen to us, we always assume that the real “bad” stuff will happen outside of our social circle, somewhere where we can send a card or do one drop by and never have to bother with it again. Not so, life happens to us and to the ones we love, its not always good but its not really bad either. Sometimes our “tragedies” are there to help us grow or to show us how strong we really are. Sometimes they are sent to “encourage” us to make a move that we know we should but are too scared to make. Take a minute and think about all the things that are currently making your life not easy, now look at it a little different. Ask whomever/whatever you believe in what you are supposed to be doing and what you are supposed to be learning. There probably wont be an answer right away but begin to look at your situation in anticipation of learning more about yourself and whatever subject matter you are dealing with. Last summer all I saw was a list of never can dos but now I see an opportunity to empower an individual to live life at their maximum potential. There is nothing that they or I can not do.