In my line of work I meet a lot of women who are now homeless because of something their boyfriends did or did not do. Some of them know they can never go back but too many want to. I actually had one girl tell me that she was told if she could find a job, continue cleaning and cooking (for the man that put her on the street) and give him 50$ he would let her move backĀ in. She had been kicked out about a week prior to this conversation and was still cleaning dudes house because “she loved him”. Another girl, just turned 19, has a job and a child she wants to get back from her mothers care but cant find a place to stay because her boyfriend has a recent felony, for domestic violence. They’ve only been going out 2 months but she “loves him” and doesn’t want to get a place without him, she doesn’t think she can do it on her own. Goodness, what are these girls thinking? I wish I could gather up all these women and impress upon them the importance of laying a foundation for themselves. Its not their job to take care of a man and they shouldn’t get themselves all wrapped up in being with one. They must establish a life of their own, be able to take care of themselves before they bring in others. And when one does decide to bring another person into their circle make sure they bring something worthwhile to the table. Its not worth the heartache and frustration just to be with a man. It may be hard to do it on your own but its worth it.


Living the dream

I’ve finnaly gotten over the shock of finding a job I like only to be told 30 days later that it would not exist anymore in 5 months. I got 6 whole months of career happiness and now I must start over again. May I make a confession, I dont want to look for another job because I dont want to work for anyone else anymore.
Ideally, I would love to have a kid to devot the next year too. I’d love to be home cleaning and baking cookies. Doing arts and crafts, teaching a child to read, all that but thats not going to be the case so I have to find something to do. The holidays are coming I could probably book 3 Tastefully Simple parties a week if I would get signed up. I found one womens large shoe vendor, they are not the most affordable but I could get started selling shoes. I could sell T-Shirts out of the back of my van at all the fall festivals that should start soon. Or I could revist entertainment media as a career choice. I really do miss music and I’m good at it, whay not do something I am good at.
I’ve got 6 weeks, the company I work for has no plan and I dont either. I’m not the type to sit around while the bills pile up so I know I’ll come up with something but I want it to be an exciting, fulfilling something. I am ready to start living my dream.