A legacy of joy

We all want to be remembered. Some want to be famous so that the whole world will at some point remember their name, some just want to make a difference in their community and others just want their families to know how much they loved them and to spread that love from generation to generation. I want to be remembered. It doesn’t matter if anyone remembers my name, I just want all I come in contact with to remember how I made them smile.

Last week when I went to visit my grandmother she told me she liked when I came because we would have such a good time. I was happy but sad because some days she has to ask me my name and I was worried that one day she wouldn’t know me at all and she would forget that we had a good time together. However when I saw her just a few days ago she told me that she thinks about me and just smiles and I thought at this point in her life isn’t that what matters, that I make her happy. Its okay if she forgets my name as long as she knows that there was a girl that made her laugh and smile every time she came around.   

A legacy of joy that’s what I want to leave. A friend of mine once or twice told me that “anywhere you go you should leave that place in a better condition that you found it”. For me this includes people. We can be a persons support, confidant, rock, cry buddy whatever we need to be but when that person exits our life, whatever the reason they should leave stronger, happier, all around a better person.