Year in review

One thing I really enjoy about the end of the year is all the “Best of” lists. Reading through those lists are a great way to reflect over the events of the year, good or bad, just to get some perspective on where you are and where you are trying to go. 2014 is here for another 5 days but here is my list.

10 Life Altering Events of 2014

1) January 3 -Last day at a job I worked for nearly six years. I left because I was burned out. The job itself was less than challenging but it paid well and I had good friends. I don’t really miss the job but I miss the money, my friends and telling people I work there.

2) March 31- Began working at my new job in Social Services. Went in expecting one thing, got something completely different. In the past 9 months I have gotten a crash course in “people”. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is that while everyone deserves compassion there has to be a limit to that compassion. Some people have made a life by misusing the compassion of others.

3) May 25 – This is the day I decided I was living a life of excess. I had a closet full of clothes and half of them I never wore. I cleaned out the closet, put all the clothes in one big pile, just to see, gave them all away and stopped shopping for one month. It was cleansing.

4) June 1 – Went fishing for the first time ever. I had a blast, I was just like a little kid. My fishing partner laughed at me, he could believe I had never been fishing before, nor could he believe how amazed I was by the whole process. We sat on the banks and talked, real deep conversations about our lives, wants desires, missed opportunities. It was a great day.

5) June 2 – The wheel fell off my car and I made the hard decision not to fix it. Although I had been considering getting a new car for months and was kicking myself for not doing it before I left the gas company, when I was forced to get rid of my car I cried. October 30 would have been 8 years that I’d had that car. It was my trophy. I was able to purchase it on my own, no co-signer, no borrowing money, only 1 year after returning from living in the Southern U.S and charging off two credit cards, which anyone that has ever done it knows, it is not cheap. I was so proud when I got that car and now its gone. 😦

6) June 30 – Got my new ride, a mini van that has come to good use. I no longer have to rent U-Hauls for little jobs. Woo Hoo! I took the 3rd seat out the day I got it, I’m always ready to move something. 🙂

7) August 31- Went to my first Big Ten football game. Yes it was a Michigan game but I spent the weekend with my brother and therefore it was awesome!

8) November 27- Thanksgiving Day. There were six people at the table, that’s at least 12 people too few, granny was in the hospital, I haven’t had pound cake all year. I only eat granny’s pound cake. I’m not ready for a life without pound cake.

9) December 7 – No details just a lesson. It doesn’t matter how much you love a person, that person has got to love themselves even more.

10) December 25 – Had my Christmas Day Chinese dinner in a hospital room. Enough said.

That has been 2014 so far. Good and bad occurred, as in any year. I know everything will be different in 2015, some of it I’m excited for, some not so much. Hopefully it involves pound cake.


2015 I cant wait!

December 15th already. We’re on the fast track to 2015, I cant wait.

I always get excited for the end of the year. I get excited that in the coming weeks and months I’ll have the opportunity to make new plans, change things I don’t like and have new experiences. I know this can and will be done whether the year changes or not but still I’m excited about the new year. This is the first year I haven’t been depressed, I’ve had sad moments and hard times but the general feeling is nothing like it normally is. I always told people I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but that’s not really true. What I had is a lot of sadness built up in me. I would be depressed the entire year but winter is the only time being “a little down” is socially acceptable. This year, I’ve dealt with things, accepted some realities, allowed myself to love even when it didn’t “make sense”, I believe this is the first year since I was 25 that I have really lived life.

I’ve got amazing plans for next year.

I’ve always wanted to be a philanthropist and a venture capitalist. I don’t have any money so I always thought one day. A few weeks ago I decided not one day today. In 2015 I am going to:

1) Set aside $500 to be used for individuals that may need a little boost to get themselves together. I’m not advertising this to most people I know because I know some folks that would make a good case for why they need the money but I’ve been watching them make bad decisions for years, so no.

2) Host a direct sales marketing fair at my home. I think I can handle 6-8 vendors at once. It’ll be one big Tupperware/Traci Lynn/Avon/Mary Kay/Lia Sophia party, everybody wins and I get free stuff.

3) Get certified in ProTools. Two week Atlanta vacation, here I come. Its time for me to get back to what I absolutely love.

4) I express myself really well in writing but not so much when speaking to people. I want to be able to be just as thorough when speaking as I am when writing.

5) Continue to take care of myself. This is the only chance I get at life in this world. I’m going to make it the best life for me. 🙂