A declaration of love

Today is the first day of my “new normal”, I’ve no clue where to go from here. I have no regrets about my relationship with my grandmother so I don’t  really feel the pain of sadness but I will miss her. In the last 10 years I came to know my granny as more than just an authority figure in my life, I came to know her as a woman and as a friend. I am sad my friend had to go but I am happy that she is in a much better and happier place, with my mother and more importantly with the Lord. I am sure she has organized about 10 choirs, quartets, trios etc. already and she is singing praises to God. That thought gives me comfort. It also makes me glad to know that I did not misuse my time with her.

We talked and really came to understand one another. Something that was missing during my teens and early 20’s.

We shopped. She believed in treating yourself to what made you happy. She always said if the bills were paid and there was something in savings you could buy whatever you wanted.

We did puzzles. Granny and I both appreciated quiet moments.

We talked about men. Once she told me that men aren’t bad they’re just different, you just have to get to understand the one you’ve got.

We went on outings to the park, church, Dairy Queen. We stayed busy.

We sang. A lot. Granny loved to sing, you couldn’t get out of the house without singing a song.

We laughed, cried, watched movies, drank coffee and enjoyed our junk food,(mostly sweets)

And at the end of everyday we said I love you.I truly loved my grandmother and I know she loved me. She did not agree with everything I did but she respected me and believed in my ability to decide what was best for me. I came to understand why she raised me as she did and though I’ll do some things differently with my own children I appreciate that she knew what I needed and gave me those things the best way she knew how.

Goodbye Violet. I love you.


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.  -2nd Timothy 4:7-8


Comfort Cuisine

Comfort food is a popular topic in our society. When something happens we like to have something we can turn to that will make everything feel “warm and fuzzy” even when its not. Really we’re just putting a nice name on “eating our emotions” but thats a topic for another day and maybe an expert. This is my list of top 10 comfort foods. For those times when life has got you down.

10. The Pot Roast sandwich from Bob Evans. – Served warm with a slice of cheddar this sandwich is everything that you wish you hadnt had the next morning.

9.Artichoke Piada stick. Its portable and it comes with sauce. You cant go wrong with artichokes and sauce (The Piada near me no longer sells these so they may be a thing of the past 😦 )

8. Polenta from TAT (Columbus, Ohio) I dont eat cornbread but I’ll eat this. If you ever get a chance to try it get the Spinach option, the sausage leaves something to be desired.

7. Carrot cake from Zanzibar Brews (Columbus, Ohio) Most people mess up carrot cake, they do it right. And they have good coffee.

6. A burger from Red Oak Pub (Newark, Ohio) I think the meat is actual hamburger. It had been a while since I tasted a burger so good.

5. Chilli cheese fries from Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers (Dayton, Ohio) The portions are excellent and the dish itself is just sloppy enough.

4. A Ruben sandwich and tomato soup from Blocks Bagels (Columbus, Ohio) on rye bread with Russian dressing, worth every penny.

3. The Chinese place in the alley (Newark, Ohio) one day I’m going to remember the name of this place. All I know is its in an alley in downtown Newark and the duck is amazing.

2. The entire menu at Mrs. Enas (Columbus, Ohio) If you cant afford to travel to the Caribbean you can at least eat like you’ve been there.

1. Any desert from my grandmothers kitchen. Pound cake, bread pudding, peach cobbler. I’m fat for a reason.

Who didnt make the list but are just as good:

Bollywood Bistro (now closed)

The cafe in the downtown library in Nashville, TN. It could be gone now, its been 10 years since I lived in Nashville, but their lobster bisque was delicious.

Everything City BBQ

Beef Stroganoff from Cap City (Columbus,Ohio)