I loved you until it hurt too much

I saw you for who you really were but I also saw who you could be, I chose to focus on that

I built a wall between you and the rest of my world because I thought you needed protected

I defended you

I comforted you

I believed in you

You betrayed me.


Needed: Someone to handle all this foolishness

Right now I need a man. I’m sure all the feminists out there would cringe to read those words, it might not be true for them but today, today it is true for me. I havent had a useful car in a little more than a month, I’ve been borrowing one for the last two weeks. Why dont I have mine fixed? I dont want to find a reasonably priced tow company to get it to the shop, I dont want to talk to mechanics about what needs to be done, how much its going to cost and payment options.  I’ve been handling my business for sometime now and I am ready to tag someone in. I also need to get someone to clean the gutters, put in windows (they are sitting in the dinning room they just need installed) get quotes on trimming the forest that hangs over my house and help me begin to decide where I am moving to next year, this will be my very last Ohio winter. I need someone to be in charge a daddy, a husband, I dont care, just somebody to handle my business until I recover from this fog I am currently in.

I’ll give it another week and if no one shows up. I’ll get the van towed, call the gutter man (I have a reference) find a handy man and a tree trimmer and find a new city in which to set up shop. I always get things done but this time I am taking my time.