Many years ago I lived in Dayton Ohio. During this time I met a very debonair gentleman. He was much older than me, 26 years to be exact. I was 20 when I met him so he was 46 years old.  He was tall, attractive, and easy to talk to, just all around my type of man. I have been accused many times of having daddy issues, I don’t, I just like older men because they are stable, know what they want and rarely lie or game to get it. Rules are laid out in the beginning, it’s up to the lady if they are accepted.

By 2003 I had moved back to Columbus but I traveled to Dayton that night to see Denyce Graves, a wonderful Black American Opera Singer. While there I met up with the debonair gentleman, I hadn’t seen him in 4 years. I actually reconnected with him by leaving a message at his job. He called me back, we made plans. That night we went to a Mexican Restaurant in Beavercreek, we had dinner, we spent the night together, what was supposed to be a quiet birthday dinner turned into a seven year affair. From 25 – 32 we met up a couple times a year to enjoy each others company. We shared meals, ideas, trust and love.  At some point I wanted more, I knew it wouldn’t come from him, we said our goodbyes’, had a few phone conversations in the year to follow. Then we lost touch. I love remembering him. It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.


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