Just wait and see

In a bold move this weekend I gave my number to someone. I never give out my number and have on occasion told men that I was happy with Jesus in my life, I had no room for them. However,  this guy is nice, cute, his granny and my granny were pretty good friends, I figured it was worth the chance. But this morning the anxiety hit me. As much as I like this guy and want to get to know him more, I am scared. He is a single dad. Single dads come with a lot of extras; ex-wives, ex-girlfriends,  baby’s momma, full schedules that leave barely any time for socializing. This particular single dad comes with an ex-wife and three girls ages 12, 10 and 6. I’m pretty sure they won’t like me, if this even gets that far. Besides that I have never dated a single dad and never someone with children so young. Adult children, that’s what I am used to. I don’t know what to expect of him, I don’t know what to expect of myself but I do know that my last real relationship ended in 2009, I rarely like anyone enough to entertain the idea of dating them and I am a lot more capable than I give myself credit for. I’ll just wait and see what unfolds.


2 thoughts on “Just wait and see

  1. Do go selling yourself short. You can’t possibly know his kids won’t like you. God sees a purpose for him in your life or for you in his. We can’t know the purpose nor it’s entirety. I’m with Jennifer. Just wait and see. Truthfully, it’s that or tuck tail and run! I’d suggest a willingness to step outside your comfort zone just a bit. A gold fish won’t grow any bigger inside the same tiny bowl. You have a remarkable heart and are fiercely loyal. The right guy will realize your worth and fight like crazy to keep you.


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