Its only temporary



Relationships are tricky, we maneuver through life in various types of relationships our entire lives. It starts with our parents and other close family members. The bonds or lack there of, formed in those relationships directly affect how the relationships with the “strangers” that show up in our lives will go. If we are lucky we will find that one perfect “stranger” that we’ll decide would be better suited as family, get married and build another branch on the family tree. Relationships are a fact of life, sometimes relationships hurt. Hurt is also a fact of life.

Its up to us what we do with hurt. We can hold on to it, pretend that keeping it close in our memories is protecting us from future hurt. Holding on isn’t really keeping us protected, hurt compounds. Holding on allows us to turn the smallest, most insignificant thing into a huge issue and from there we add another layer. Those layers continue to build until one day they are so thick no one can get in and we ourselves are unable to get out. The layers have become walls and will have to be broken. Breaking is not a fun nor easy thing to do. The other option is to let hurt go. To examine what happened, the role we played in it, develop a prevention plan for next time and take a chance on living. Its scary and it may hurt but like everything else in life, the pain is only temporary.